Elder Scrolls VI Setting May Have Been Uncovered by a Reddit User

Despite having no more to go on than a brief E3 2018 teaseElder Scrolls VI has got fans hunting left, right, and centre for even the merest snippet of in-game info. Of course, leave it to Reddit it to go above and beyond. One user in particular may have found the Holy Grail: the exact Elder Scrolls VI setting.

Reddit user Kaylenivy (via GamingBolt) has managed to splice together not only the E3 2018 trailer but also uses an absurd amount of knowledge about the lore of Elder Scrolls Online to reach the conclusion that the Elder Scrolls VI setting is definitively Hammerfell.

Volenfall, the capital of Hammerfell, so the theory goes, can be glimpsed by the coast, but the most convincing piece of evidence from that post lay in the three mountains poking onto the horizon. They are present in both the Elder Scrolls VI trailer and ESO and, in the MMORPG at least, cast a shadow over Sentinel, one of the Nine Kingdoms of Hammerfell.

Should this be true (and, honestly, this bit of sleuthing is the best theory I’ve seen thus far), we can expect the Elder Scrolls VI setting to be largely desert-themed. A far cry from the wintry wastes of Skyrim but one that’d probably make the most sense given how much of a U-turn that would be for the franchise.

[Source: Reddit]