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Join the PlayStation LifeStyle Community on the PSLS Discord Server

Some of the best friends that we here at PlayStation LifeStyle have made have been made through gaming. Whether it’s a bit of friendly competition in Overwatch, tackling the challenges of Raids in Destiny, or just having a conversation with people about the games we love, video games are a common ground that we all have.

As readers of PlayStation LifeStyle come together to share in their passion of games, we want to introduce the PlayStation LifeStyle Discord server as a place where our community can come together and interact in real time. The staff will also be members to talk and interact with everyone. We want to be more than just a feed of news about PlayStation. We want to be a part of your PlayStation lifestyle.

Join the PlayStation LifeStyle Discord.

We’ve got some initial channels set up to get started, but this is going to be a growing and evolving place to meet the needs and wants of our community. Here’s a quick overview of what we have so far.

Information – The rules. These are subject to change and all moderation is handled at the discretion of the PSLS admin team.

Announcements – These are announcements about PlayStation LifeStyle to keep you posted on the latest happenings with the site.

General Chat – Feel free to mingle here and discuss just about anything (just remember to follow the rules).

Platform Specific Channels – We’ve got channels for just about every platform, so even if you want to talk Xbox or Nintendo, you can come in here and do so.

Game Nights – This is where the community can set up nights to game together. We will expand this to feature specific games if certain ones prove to be really popular with everyone.

News Tips – Got a hot news tip that we haven’t covered yet? Share it here and someone from our staff will review it.

Site Suggestions/Bug Reports – You’re reading the site every day, so what things do you want to see more from PSLS? We’d love to hear your suggestions. In addition, if you’ve got anything to report about the site, from invasive ads to bugs and problems, hop in here and give us your feedback too. The faster we learn about these things, the faster we can get them taken care of.

Entertainment – There’s a lot of crossover between interest in games and other forms of entertainment. Here you can discuss movies, TV, and comics.

These channels are just to get everyone going, but we’ll be evolving the community around your requests and what you would like to see from the PSLS Discord.

Culture of Respect and Positivity

There are a couple of ground rules. The PSLS Discord community is a place to come together and to be friends. Differences of opinion are welcome, but respect others and their opinions. Personal attacks or making someone else to feel lesser for having a certain opinion that differs from your own will not be tolerated.

We’d also like to keep the server PG-13 in order to allow a wide audience to enjoy being a part of the community. A little bit of language here and there is fine, but frequency and intent will be taken into account.

All moderation will be handled at the discretion of the PlayStation LifeStyle admin team. These rules are subject to change as necessary in order to cultivate a positive and friendly community environment.

Join the PlayStation LifeStyle Discord.

With that said, hop in, get talking, and have fun. You’re among the first to join and help shape the PSLS Discord community into a welcoming and fun place for everyone who loves PlayStation.