PS4 System Update beta sign ups

You May Sign Up for the PlayStation 4 System Update 6.00 Beta

When releasing a PS4 system update, Sony has been known for putting it to the test, which is why they are sending out invites right now. The industry giant’s tech team is always looking to incorporate changes to ensure stability, performance boost, and of course security. Recent updates, such as the PS4 system update 5.53, added several improvements and was also targeted for release ahead of God of War. In addition, it added collection visibility and more.

Today, Sony Interactive Entertainment officially confirmed that they have opened beta test sign-ups for the upcoming PlayStation 4 system software update 6.00. Any PlayStation 4 owners who are interested in registering and participating in this test can check out the links below:

It was also revealed that users are allowed to sing up for the beta at any time, starting today on July 19, to July 27. Sony also specified that users have to be 18 years or older to take part in the beta. In addition, users who are interested in the test have to be PlayStation Plus or PlayStation Now subscribers in order to apply.

If you’ll recall, Sony’s system update 5.0 incorporated 1080p and 60 FPS streaming on the PS4 Pro, and it updated Friends List Features. What’s more, changes to Notifications were made. No info was given at this time about the 6.00 update. Although, PS4 updates are known to surface to leak a bit early or surface in one way or another, so we’ll let you know the moment we have more info on it.

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