FIFA 19 New Features Won’t Include VAR for One Very Good (And Obvious) Reason

It’s been the bane of many an armchair pundit across the 2018 World Cup and beyond. VAR (Video Assistant Referee) has caused more trouble than it’s worth in some cases and the tool, which allows the match referee to double-check any ‘clear and obvious’ in-game errors, won’t be coming to FIFA 19 either. You might already have a good idea as to why.

Despite several new FIFA 19 new features being announced (read our extensive hands-on FIFA 19 preview for more on that), the soccer sim won’t include VAR technology in-game, EA has confirmed.

“We technically have VAR in the game because we know the pinpoint location of everything,” creative director Matt Prior tells Eurogamer, referring to the technology’s omission.

So, that’s that then? Not quite. Prior reveals that there is a small window available to include VAR in EA’s flagship soccer series but it won’t be for some time yet, stating:  “It’s definitely something we’ll monitor. If it becomes part of the footballing fabric to the point where it feels weird that it isn’t in a regular game, even if we don’t need it, then it’s something we can look at introducing.”

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[Source: Eurogamer]