The Occupation Release Date

Investigative Thriller, The Occupation, Gets PS4 Release Date and Hard Copies

Developed by White Paper Games and published by Humble Bundle, The Occupation is a first-person investigative thriller launching on PS4, Xbox One, Humble Bundle Store, and Steam on October 9th.

You’re put in the middle of controversy and conspiracy when the civil liberties of the British populations become threatened. Navigate the corruption, riots, and government suspicions. It’s up to you to investigate and question people on a night of the explosion that caused many deaths. You’ll be weighing your options constantly: are you direct and risk getting caught or do you approach things carefully but risk losing time? Which in this game means a lot as all events occur in real-time to amplify the pressure and realism.

If that doesn’t already grab your attention, you may be happy to hear that White Paper Games is partnering with Sold Out for a physical release of the title for PS4 and Xbox One devices the same day as the digital release. Sarah Hoeksma, Marketing Director at Sold Out, had this to say regarding the title:

We’re delighted to be bringing The Occupation to physical retail later this year. It’s one of those games which grips you from the moment you start, the fact that it’s real-time is a fantastic point of difference leading to a captivating experience unlike anything else this year.

Are you as excited as the team is for this release? And have you made purchases from Sold Out before? Let us know in the comments, quickly, the clock is ticking.