Cyberpunk 2077 Dev Discusses Character Customization in First-Person Games

CD Projekt RED has nearly exhausted the topic of why Cyberpunk 2077 has a first-person perspective. While this marks the studio’s first foray into first-person games, the team asserts they cannot tell the story they’re crafting without it. Not only is it essential for exploration and world-building, the first-person perspective affords them the opportunity to closely aligning players with the main character. To ensure success in this regard, CD Projekt RED will introduce character customization, another first for the studio.

Fans of the developer’s Witcher franchise have been vocal about their wariness. Apparently, the first-person perspective is a deal breaker for some. Meanwhile, others ponder why CD Projekt is placing emphasis on character customization without options to play in third-person. During an interview with Official Xbox Magazine, Cyberpunk 2077’s Quest Designer, Patrick Mills, explained,

Well, it’s an RPG. It’s an RPG before it’s a shooter. And it’s really about making a character and inhabiting that character and living in this world and making choices from not just the point of view of that character but also of yourself. With The Witcher, you had Geralt, and Geralt had a history. He had decades of books, games, comics, and even television series, with a new one on the way, and it was about guiding him through his story. But with this, we want it to be your story. So really, putting you in first person is the only way to do that.

Mills reiterated past statements from his colleagues that suggested this is the best option for the game they’re making. He also brought up the significance of choice, which has been previously teased as one of Cyberpunk 2077’s main attractions. Perhaps these choices will unearth players’ philosophies and morals. In The Witcher, players make decisions based on preset choices that are intentionally geared toward what Geralt may or may not want. To this end, Cyberpunk 2077 may offer options in certain situations that would never appear in The Witcher.

There’s a long wait ahead, before we know how any of this will pan out. Cyberpunk 2077 is still years away from being released.

[Source: GamingBolt]