Kill la Kill the Game: IF Gameplay Details and New Screens Revealed

In June 2018, Arc System Works teased a game based on the anime adaptation of Kazuki Nakashima’s Kill la Kill manga. But it wasn’t until Anime Expo 2018 that we got a brief glimpse of the Kill la Kill game with the debut of a pretty sweet trailer. Thanks to the July 25, 2018 issue of Weekly Famitsu, we’ve learned some things about Kill la Kill The Game: IF gameplay.

According to a post by DualShockers, Kill la Kill The Game: IF is billed as a “3D battle action game” on a 3D field, something similar to the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja series. The post then outlines the different actions that operate on a rock-paper-scissors kind of formula: “Melee Attack wins against Break Attack, Break Attack wins against Guard, [Gaurd] wins against Melee Attack.” Oddly enough, as the post mentions, attacks aren’t the only action influenced by this rock-paper-scissors system: “Evasion wins against Melee Attack, Melee Attack wins against Evasion-Reading move, [Evasion-Reading move] wins against Evasion.” This sounds like it’s supposed to result in a fluid, fast-paced battle system like previous Arc System games (Dragon Ball FighterZ, Guilty Gear Xrd, and the like).  Or “a super-fast battle system,” as DualShockers puts it.

We also got a short list of moves you can perform in Kill la Kill The Game: IF. While it likely isn’t a complete list of the game’s available moves, nor is it indicative of the game’s final moveset, it does provide some insight on how the game might feel.

  • Dash – Allows you to chash after your opponent. Can be used with attack to execute a dash attack.
  • Step – Allows you to dodge small distances. Step left or right when targeting an enemy to strafe.
  • Melee Attack -Allows you to deal damage to you roponent. Alternate attacks can be used by holding a direction while attacking.
  • Finish Attack – Allows you to execute a powerful, finishing blow at the end of a combo. Alternate finishing attacks can be used by holding a direction.
  • Break Attack – Allows you to perform an unblockable attack. However it’s very slow and easily avoidable.
  • Range Attack – Allows you to attack from a distance. Holding it allows you to launch a more powerful version.
  • Jump – Allows you to ascend into the air at various heights. Can be used to avoid some melee attacks and to intercept your oponent in the air.
  • Special Attack – Allows you to start a provocation battle based the rock-paper-scissors system (Provocation wins against Curse, Curse wins against Mockery, Mockery wins against Provocation). Winner’s power will be increased for a duration.

Kill la Kill the Game promises to tell “the untold story of Kill la Kill.” The 2013 anime follows transfer student Ryuko Matoi as she searches for her father’s killer, which lands her at Honnouji Academy. There, she enters into a violent conflict with the academy’s iron-willed student council president, Satsuki Kiryuin. It’s unclear what the game’s story will cover.

Apparently, Kill la Kill the Game is 35% complete. Considering we don’t know how long it’s been in development, it’s safe to assume it’ll launch closer to the middle or end of 2019. In the meantime, check out the new batch of screenshots.

Kill la Kill the Game: IF is headed to the PC and PlayStation 4 sometime next year.

[Source: DualShockers]