super life of pixel

Puzzle Platformer Super Life of Pixel Coming to PS4 and Vita Next Month

WhiteMoon Dreams has announced that it’ll be publishing Super Icon’s puzzle platformer, Super Life of Pixel, on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on August 22.

For those who don’t remember, the original entry released on PlayStation Mobile and although it was one of the better games on the platform, Life of Pixel didn’t earn enough for the studio. Following a failed Kickstarter, Super Icon announced in August 2013 that Life of Pixel 2 was “dead.”

Now, 5 years later, Super Icon has a publisher who believes in its passion.

“Rich and his small team of ‘bedroom coders’ at Super Icon painstakingly recreated 19 legendary systems spanning three decades of gaming,” wrote WhiteMoon’s Matt Spencer. “They paid careful attention to the art styles, technical limitations and the intangible ‘feel’ of each system and their respective eras.”

Spencer said that seeing Super Icon’s hard work, WhiteMoon “jumped” at the chance to publish Super Life of Pixel.

Here’s an overview of the game:

At its core, this game is a fun history lesson. With every system you conquer and unlock, you’re given the chance to learn more about the original consoles they’re inspired by, down to the hardware and software specs of the era. Consider it a living, playable museum of gaming history, in which you will die. A lot.

Super Life of Pixel will release in both Europe and North America on the same day. Check out a trailer below.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]