Life of Pixel 2 “for PS4 and Vita is Dead”, Super Icon No Longer Sure They “Have a Company Any More”

Despite being one of the better games on the platform, Life of Pixel never made its money back on the PlayStation Mobile platform, news revealed to PSLS in a Daily Reaction on the failure of PSM. At the time of the DR, developer Super Icon was trying to raise funds over Kickstarter to port the game to other platforms, but sadly didn’t raise enough.

Now, it looks like Sony has decided not to publish Life of Pixel 2 for PS4 and Vita. Super Icon tweeted:

Pixel 2 for PS4 and Vita is dead 🙁 Thanks SCEE! (not)


At the end of the day we got things wrong – I thought we did OK with our PSM stuff in the end, and knew we could make Pixel 2 amazing.

I just wish people would be more open and honest, hiding behind corporate speak is the ultimate kick in the teeth.

It takes away any human interaction – you just feel shit and lose faith in what you do. ‘is not right’, ‘not a good fit’, erm Why!?

Rant over. Will no doubt regret tomorrow, but right now fuck ’em. Probably won’t make a career in politics will I!

As well as saying:

Thanks for all the tweets guys. I love chatting to you – wish it was better news but I’m not even sure I have a company any more.

There is a lot more to this than you know. And I am tired, sad, hurt, etc. The future never been so bleak.

On the topic of Sony, the developer stated:

They have decided that Pixel for Vita/PS4 is not really right for them.

With SCEE’s Shahid Ahmad replying:

You’re welcome, like all our partners to self-publish Pixel on PS4 and Vita. We’ve even offered loan kits.

Are you worried at this turn of events? Were you a big fan of LoP? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.