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Compile Heart Teases New Game with Odd Video

Compile Heart, a Japanese publisher, already has plenty on the horizon. Among the most notable projects is Super Neptunia, a side-scrolling RPG being developed by Artisan Studios that is set to release in North American and Europe in Fall 2018. The studio is no stranger to multiple projects, and we just got a glimpse at the next one.

Compile heart released a teaser video for an upcoming, game but unless they’re taking the FMV route, there are no hints at gameplay or cinematics in sight here. Instead, this little movie features two characters (played by real people) engaging in a conversation, with a bit of conflict thrown in. It takes place in an office meeting space that has posters all over the wall.

P-san and S-san have a heated discussion in this series of stills, which are strung together with dialogue. Both characters have their faces covered by a mask that displays their respective letters. Based on the conversation, the title is likely an RPG, but not much else can be deduced. Since comments for this video are disabled, which is standard practice on Compile Heart’s channel, fans are left to speculate. Many are thinking the P and S are meant to signify the platforms: PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Fortunately, it doesn’t seem like we’ll have to wait for answers for long. Compile Heart launched a website for this mysterious title. It features this video as well as several blank slots with the following dates: 07/31, 08/01, and 08/02. Let us know in the comments what you make of this mysterious video.

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