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Atomic Heart Confirmed for Next-Gen Platforms; New Gameplay Shows Off Mini-Boss

Developer Mundfish announced its BioShock-esque, alternate history FPS title Atomic Heart in 2018. At the time, the team could only confirm PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One versions. Now it’s free to share news about next-gen iterations of the game, which will release across the PS5 and Xbox Series X platforms. As a primarily next-gen project, Atomic Heart aims to take advantage of all the new consoles have to offer.

Mundfish unveiled the next-gen plans in an interview with IGN, telling the publication that the “fast SSD” on Sony’s and Microsoft’s forthcoming devices means no loading screens for Atomic Heart. Moreover, PS5 and Xbox Series X is allowing the developer to fully realize its vision for the shooter. “Next-gen hardware also provides an exclusive opportunity to fulfill our artistic vision and deliver our game with stunning visuals with no downgrading, which was absolutely essential for current-gen,” the statement adds.

In addition, Mundfish shared a brand-new gameplay video. It runs about eight minutes in length, showing off combat and an intense mini-boss fight against the Plyush–an organic creature who may or may not be the horrifying end result of “some secret governmental deeds.” (The creature interestingly bears a few design similarities to the Typhon in Prey 2017.)

Atomic Heart takes place in an alternate universe version of the Soviet Union. Presently, Mundfish remains mum about any narrative-specific details. However, the team did divulge the following to IGN: “The game kicks off when robots start attacking people. P-3, [possibly the protagonist,] will have to investigate what has caused all these events and deal with what (or who?) is behind all of this.”

Atomic Heart still lacks a release date.

[Source: Mundfish via IGN]