prey mooncrash rogue moon

Spelunky, Dead Cells, and More Indie Rougelikes Come to Prey: Mooncrash

That Rogue Legacy skin is sickeningly cute.

bethesda single player

Bethesda Reaffirms Commitment to Single-Player Games

Player 1 isn’t in any danger.

prey mooncrash update

Launch Skyrim into Space in the Prey: Mooncrash Full Moon Update

Skyrim is everywhere, including the moon.

Prey Mooncrash DLC

E3 2018: Prey: Mooncrash DLC Announced With New Game Updates

Arkane Studios had some exciting announcements regarding Prey at the Bethesda E3 2018Read the full article…

wolfenstein prey vr

E3 2018: Wolfenstein and Prey VR Content Announced

Even more Bethesda IP can be beamed right into your eyeballs.

prey dlc

Arkane Teasing Something Prey-Related Again, Could Be DLC or Expansion

A mysterious set of achievements was released on Steam.

prey 2 gameplay

Gameplay Footage Emerges From the Canceled Prey 2

What almost happened.

prey dlc

The Prey Twitter Account is Being a Huge Tease

Moon DLC?

Prey design

Learn About Prey’s Immersive Design Philosophy

An interesting look at one of 2017’s finest.

Prey design

Prey Originally Had a Different Ending

The current ending came “later in development.”

Prey Update 1.05 Announced, Will Address PS4 Stuttering & Tearing

It will include plenty of other fixes as well.

Prey Update 1.04 Adds PS4 Pro Support, More Input Drift Fixes

You’ll find higher quality shadows, improved visual fidelity, and more on PS4 Pro now.

Japanese Sales Chart: Prey Opens in 5th, Sells 7,100 Copies

Danganronpa 1&2 Reload sold 3,900 copies in its first week.

Prey Update 1.03 on PS4 Helps Prevent Corrupted Saves, Fixes Stamina Not Recovering

Bethesda releases an accolades trailer.