June 2020’s PS Now Lineup Rumored to Include Dishonored 2 and Metro: Exodus

Apparently, this month’s PlayStation Now lineup could be one of the best to date. A posting on the Japanese PlayStation Blog suggests that June 2020’s additions include a few heavy-hitters, such as Dishonored 2, Metro: Exodus, and Prey. However, it’s worth noting that Prey is presently available on at least the US version of PS Now.

The blog post’s English translation (via Google) suggests Metro: Exodus will be available for a limited time. Should this all prove true, the first-person shooter is set to leave the streaming service later this year on November 30th. Meanwhile, Dishonored 2 and Prey, both Arkane Studios projects, are likely to stick around for quite a while longer.

PS Now’s June 2020 lineup reportedly doesn’t stop there, either. More permanent additions will supposedly include the likes of are 11-11: Memories RetoldRabbi x Rabbi -Puzzle Out Stories-, and Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st]. As noted by Push Square, Rabbi x Rabbi -Puzzle Out Stories- has no listing on the English versions of the PlayStation Store. Thus, if the lineup reported by the Japanese PS Blog does make its way westward, this particular entry is bound to be substituted for another title.

Given that Prey is already available in the US, it seems unlikely this lineup will roll out across all territories. Dishonored 2 would be a solid get, though, since the PS3 iteration of the franchise’s first title is currently live on Sony’s streaming service. Metro: Exodus would, of course, serve as an equally nice addition to the catalogue of games. After all, it would fill out the full trilogy, considering the redux versions of Metro: 2033 and Metro: Last Light can be streamed on PS Now.

With rumors and blog posts swirling, Sony is bound to confirm this month’s PlayStation Now lineup in the days ahead.

[Source: PlayStation Blog Japan via Push Square]