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metro exodus spartan edition

Metro Exodus Gets Limited Spartan Collector’s Edition, Includes a Premium Artyom Statue

Copy of the game not included.

metro exodus carabiner compass

Preordering Metro Exodus at GameStop Gets You a Carabiner Compass

You’ll never get lost again, probably.

metro exodus story

The Metro Exodus Script Is Longer Than the Previous Games and DLC Combined

Players will help shape Artyom’s morality.

metro exodus playtime

Metro Exodus’ Playtime Matches Length of the First 2 Games Combined

The game could take over 20 hours to complete.

metro exodus open world

Metro Exodus Open Areas Described as ‘Miniature Open Worlds’

Each of the “miniature open worlds” offers hours of exploration.

Metro Exodus Gameplay Trailer

Monsters Dominate the Metro Exodus gamescom 2018 Trailer

Just give me my oxygen mask and I’ll be on my way.

metro exodus limited edition

Metro Exodus Aurora Limited Edition Includes an Art Book

Preorders are now live.

metro exodus playable

Metro Exodus Will Be Playable at gamescom and PAX West

The most depressing world tour ever.

Metro Exodus customization

Metro Exodus to Feature Deep Weapon and Gear Customization Options

Customization options are “rich” this time around.

metro exodus gameplay trailer E3 2018

E3 2018: Metro Exodus Gameplay Trailer

All aboard! Woo wooooo!

Metro exodus delayed

Metro: Exodus Gets Delayed into 2019, According to THQ Nordic Earnings Report

No reason given for the delay.

metro exodus release date

Levels in Metro Exodus are Larger Than Metro 2033 and Last Light Combined

Explore individual sections at your will.

metro exodus release date

The Metro Exodus Release Date Was Hidden in its Latest Trailer


metro exodus release date

Metro Exodus Releasing Fall 2018 on PS4, XBO, and PC

It’s still releasing next year.

Metro Exodus Announcement Trailer Music Is Now Available for Free Download

Now streaming and up for free download!

Metro Exodus Will Not Have Any Exclusive Content or Features on Any Platform

They’re not “carving off” anything.

E3 2017 – Metro Exodus Announced for PS4, Xbox One & PC

It’s out next year.