Metro Exodus Expansion Content Ends With the Launch of Sam’s Story in February

Metro Exodus‘ second and final story expansion, “Sam’s Story,” now has a solid release date. The post-launch content is slated to release for the PlayStation 4, PC, Stadia, and Xbox One in just a couple of weeks on February 11th.

4A Games announced the news in a post on the title’s website. While no trailer is currently available, the following key art sets the stage for what’s to come:

metro exodus dlc

In this “sandbox-survival expansion,” players will guide Sam, a former United States Marine, through Vladivostok. Sam’s main goal? Finding a way back home to the United States. Since taking refuge in the Metro, Sam’s wondered whether he could ever possibly reunite with his family. Given the horrid circumstances that set the franchise’s narrative in motion, doubts kept the Marine from truly investing in such hopeful notions. Yet, the discovery that Moscow is not the world’s sole surviving city provides Sam with the impetus he needs to at least try learning of his homeland’s fate.

After leaving Metro Exodus‘ mobile base, the Aurora, Sam begins looking for a way to return to the States. Though recently ravaged by a tsunami, the city of Vladivostok serves as the character’s best chance. Therefore, it’s setting for “Sam’s Story,” which will allow players to explore “ruined industrial buildings and crumbling residential districts.” Of course, surviving the horrors within will be the hard part, especially since Vladivostok’s surroundings will challenge Sam beyond his wildest expectations.

Metro Exodus‘ Expansion Pass features “The Two Colonels” and “Sam’s Story” for $24.99. “The Two Colonels” is presently available to purchase as a standalone for $7.99. At the time of writing, a price for “Sam’s Story” is not similarly listed on the PlayStation Store.

[Source: 4A Games]