atomic heart trailer

A First-Person Shooter Set in an Alternate Soviet Union is Coming to the PlayStation 4

Moscow-based developer Mundfish has just unveiled Atomic Heart, a first-person shooter adventure set in an alternate Soviet Union’s history. The game will be available this year for the PlayStation 4 and other gaming platforms.

No concrete details about the game has been released yet, but Mundfish did release a trailer for it. The game looks gorgeous as it sends a “BioShock meets Fallout” feel.

More details down below, via their Steam page and their official website:


Atomic Heart is an adventure first-person shooter, events of which unfold in an alternative universe, during the high noon of the Soviet Union. The main character of the game is a special agent, who was sent to a highly secret object by the Soviet government after it went radio silent.

Soviet setting with a pitch of insanity, action-packed gameplay and a thrilling story will keep you entertained for the whole duration of your journey into the world of Atomic Heart.

Unfold the secrets, restore peace and order, and show the Motherland what you got!

Revolt of the machines

Machines are uprising! Robots are walking the halls and corridors of the facility, killing everything that doesn’t consist of nuts’n’bolts. Avoid them or kill them, but beware of the seeker bots!

Horrors of the Facility №3826

There are rumors between the workers of the facility — mind-boggling, horrible rumors. Tales of dead rising back up and walking among the living, the abomination of an experiment, conducted by Dr. Stockhausen himself… Will you dare to find all the clues leading to the horrible revelation?

Two loving hearts

Even the toughest times can’t stop two loving hearts from embracing each other. Explore the world of Atomic Heart to know more about the love story between two of employees of the facility №3826.

There is no concrete release date for Atomic Heart as of now, but Mundfish states that its “Coming Soon.”