PS4 Firmware 6.00 Beta Invites Now Circulating

Sony and PlayStation recently announced that a beta testing phase would be coming for the PlayStation 4 6.00 firmware update. After a period of signups, that beta test is now live, and people are starting to receive their invitation vouchers. Not only does this tell us that the update is soon to land, but the text of the invitation emails also provides a hint at what to expect from the update. Don’t get your hopes up. Or should you?

The North American emails state the following:

Please note, System Software 6.00 does not include any major consumer-facing features during the beta period. You will find smaller quality of life and performance fixes. However, we would still love the help from the community to help us test the overall performance and stability.

Now, that isn’t the most clear statement on the contents of the update. Before you get too disappointed, note that it reads “does not include any major consumer-facing features during the beta period.” While the test won’t have anything new or fun to mess around with, Sony isn’t ruling out the possibility that the final product will have a little more than performance and quality of life tweaks baked in.

The next sent out to European users is slightly different, but essentially says the same thing. You can see that in full here, from a Reset Era post:

ps4 firmware update full

[Source: Wario64, Reset Era]