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Editor’s Letter – Leading With Passion and Positivity, a New Editor-in-Chief Emerges

Hello everyone, from the new Editor-in-Chief of PlayStation LifeStyle!

I can’t tell you how excited and nervous and giddy and a whole other host of emotions I am right now. Gaming has always been a strong passion of mine. Some of my earliest childhood memories are of blowing into NES cartridges and trying to figure out that damn fireplace puzzle in Myst. I joined the PlayStation family when the original PlayStation released and became hooked.

Back in November 2012, I went from a loyal and dedicated reader of PlayStation LifeStyle to a member of the team. The site’s founder Anthony Severino, and then-Editor-in-Chief Sebastian Moss took a chance on me, allowing me to put down some words about a subject I was most passionate about. The last five years have been a wild ride. From my first gaming event and review with Dead Space 3, to attending six E3 conferences and every PlayStation Experience that Sony has put on, and even interviewing one of my childhood gaming idols, I was simply excited to be living out the dreams of my ten-year old self.

I’ve made an effort to lead every one of my steps with passion and positivity. That’s what PlayStation LifeStyle is to me first and foremost. I get to play and write about games. I get to meet some of the most creative and passionate minds in the industry. I get to talk directly to the people who make everything, from the wide sweeping decision makers and directors, to the guy that painstakingly models the smallest details you’ll never notice. What’s more, I get to pass that experience on to you. To me, games journalism is about bridging the developers and creators with the gamers, bringing them closer to their audience, and bringing you closer to the people who make the things you play.

A Team Play

With my promotion to editor-in-chief, Cameron Teague will be stepping down to executive editor. He’s not gone, but he wanted to move to a role that he felt better suited his talents. You may not see his name or face crop up on the site much, but rest assured that none of this would be possible without his support. He’s like a secret gnome in the PSLS engine that keeps the whole thing running on a day-to-day basis. Likewise, Keri Honea’s expertise in SEO will help us grow by making sure that our content is what you actually want to read. I’ll be leaning on these two heavily as we push PlayStation LifeStyle forward.

I’d like to also give a shout out to two more people that you rarely see bylines for: Jenni Lada and Annette Polis. Jenni is the copy editor looking over just about every article that goes out the door, and Annette is our social media wizard, helping us to reach even more PlayStation fans. Finally, but certainly not least of all, our amazing news team and freelancers make sure that there is a steady stream of content for you to read and enjoy. Without each and every one of these people, none of this is possible. I may be putting up a new sign on my door, but being editor-in-chief is about bringing together like-minded people to execute on a unified vision for the site.

Thank you everyone who has supported me in my journey here. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how much my wife was instrumental in pushing me to not only begin writing, but pursue it as a career path. I’d have never found my potential if it wasn’t for her.

We’re at a big place for PlayStation LifeStyle, and as the new editor-in-chief, I once again want to call on the readers of the site to tell us what you want to see. Why do you read PlayStation LifeStyle? What do you love most about the site? What have we done in the past that you want to see come back? We do this because we have a passion for gaming, but you read us because you have a passion for gaming. We’re all ears so please email us at [email protected] You can also join our growing Discord community to hangout with other readers and the staff. Greatness awaits, and we hope you’ll be along for the journey.

Sic Parvis Magna.

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