Let It Die is No Longer PS4-Exclusive

Ever since it launched in 2016, Grasshopper Manufacture and Suda51‘s free to play action-RPG, Let It Die, has been enjoying quite a lot of growth and success. Even as an exclusive title for the PlayStation 4, the game hit over four million downloads as of April this year. However, as good as that sounds on paper, it has been revealed that Let It Die is expanding its territory.

As confirmed in a report by GameSpot, Let It Die is migrating to the multiplatform pastures as Grasshopper Manufacture plans to debut the game on Steam later this fall. Currently, there doesn’t appear to be any word on whether or not the PS4 playerbase will be able to interact with the PC playerbase. That said, multiplayer is not the primary focus of Let It Die, so that may not be a big concern for the fanbase.

Inspired by the likes of Dark Souls and other “Roguelike” games, Let It Die is an intensely difficult game, that as the title suggests, expects you to die quite often. The hook there is that while characters die permanently, other players will encounter the aggressive corpses you leave behind in their games as extra, aggressive challenges. Some things do carry over, however, which of course is where a lot of the “freemium” stuff comes in.

[Source: GameSpot]