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Bandai Namco Is Teasing Its Reveal of a New Horror Game

Bandai Namco is prepping another surprise reveal. Apparently, it has a new horror project in the works. The first tease of what the publisher has up its sleeve just hit the web, with an August 30, 2018 reveal promised.

A Bandai Namco website with the title Summer Horror Project has gone live and is definitely teasing something. The sole image featured is of a house with a cloudy, orange sky looming in the background. In the image’s top-left corner is a play symbol. Meanwhile, on the bottom-right is a battery icon, a line of text that reads, “domas-SCENE01,” the date of August 30, 2018, and a bit of code. No platforms are named for this possible horror game.

However, it could relate to a found-footage project of some sort. Clicking on the website’s Twitter link and translating the tweet’s text from Japanese reveals the following, “A mysterious site has emerged? Something is happening this summer…”

According to Gematsu, meta keywords for the site include, “Zombie” and “Horror.” Unfortunately, without context, it’s difficult to discern exactly what any of this means. Bandai Namco is working on a horror project, but to what end? Could the image’s camcorder settings mean fans should expect a project akin to Red Barrels’ Outlast? Could the publisher have a VR game in the pipeline? It’s anyone’s guess at this juncture. Whatever this “Summer Horror Project” entails, we’ll know more about it come August 30th.

This could end up being Bandai Namco’s second major reveal for the year. Bandai Namco surprised anime and fighting game fans during Microsoft’s E3 2018 conference with Jump Force announcement. Since its early summer appearance, the fighter has continuously received a lot of buzz, specifically about the characters that may or may not appear in the game.

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