Monster Hunter: World Sells Over 10 Million

Monster Hunter: World continues to kill it. Capcom’s best-selling individual game of all time has reached yet another sales milestone, thanks to added momentum provided by a recent Steam release. Thanks to a massive head start provided by the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions, sales on Steam within the game’s first week on the market have pushed the numbers, by estimation, somewhere over the 10 million mark. That’s a lot of dinosaur bones.

Back in June, Capcom announced a combined total of 8.3 million sales for Monster Hunter: World between the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions. It’s worth noting that while the game has impacted on the Xbox One, that version was not released in Japan. That’s already impressive, and as that number continues to grow, Monster Hunter: World could end up with a solid spot on the record books on consoles alone.

With the Steam release in the picture as of August 9, 2018, things have exploded just as quickly. Based on numbers from the likes of SteamSpy, it’s safe to estimate that Monster Hunter: World has moved at least 2 million sales. Combined with Capcom’s official numbers for the console version, that puts the game at over 10 million, and counting. Some speculation is floating around out there that once Capcom hits us with the next milestone PR blast, Monster Hunter: World will be the fastest-selling Japanese third-party game of the generation, much less this year.

[Source: Gaming Bolt]