Unofficial PlayStation Theme From Truant Pixel Celebrates 500 Million Milestone

Sony has spent plenty of time tooting its own horn about its 500 million console milestone this month, including announcing an elaborate, limited edition PlayStation 4 Pro. But the fans have also been in on the fun with their own tributes to the brand, and that includes folks in the industry as well. Truant Pixel, a company most known for its high quality PlayStation 4 dynamic theme work, has released a mockup of sorts of an unofficial theme based on the original, giant grey slab known as the PlayStation.

Here is the look at Truant Pixel’s PS1 Legacy Dynamic Theme:

The video, which you can watch above, is about as legit as it gets without being actually legit. That’s because it is a real theme, built on a PlayStation 4 developer kit. It just can’t be released in official capacity.

If you’re not familiar with it, Truant Pixel is a company that has released several dynamic themes already, many original and some officially licensed, such as themes that come bundled with preorders for Mega Man 11 and Kingdom Hearts III.

In the video’s description, Truant Pixel speaks to the thought process behind the theme’s design. Since the original PlayStation’s aesthetic was a little more subdued, it was tough to conceptualize a design. Therefore, the company went for a tribute to the literal PlayStation hardware, and the theme cycles through various angles and views inside and out of a lovingly-rendered model of the OG.

Cool, right?

[Source: Truant Pixel]