Mega Man PS4 theme

Preorder Mega Man 11, Get a Sweet Mega Man 30th Anniversary Dynamic Theme for PlayStation 4

Udon released a lovely Mega Man Legacy theme to commemorate the release of Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 as a free gift for anyone who preordered the collection. There’s another Mega Man PS4 theme on the horizon, which will also be a free gift for anyone who preorders Mega Man 11.

Truant Pixel has created a very retro-styled dynamic Mega Man theme, one that will certainly take any player back to the early 80s and usher in a slight longing for a CRT TV and an NES. I said slight. It’s also fleeting, so no need to call your doctor unless this side effect lasts for longer than 6 hours.

Don’t believe me? Check out the trailer above to see the whole thing in action.

The only catch is, like Udon’s theme, this theme is only a free gift if you preorder Mega Man 11 directly from the PlayStation Store.

I have no plans on buying Mega Man 11, but I still kind of want that theme. It brings back so many memories of watching my friend play the original while holding down the left button on the second controller so he wouldn’t die when he fell. Good times.

Mega Man 11 will release on October 2, 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.