Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 Pre-Orders Come With Free PS4 Theme Designed By Udon Entertainment

Capcom has announced that those who pre-order Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 digitally will be eligible to receive a free PlayStation 4 theme designed by longtime collaborators at Udon Entertainment. You can check out a preview below.

Udon artist Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz said that he was always a fan of Mega Man character designs. “They were so appealing and unique, while carrying a uniform feel throughout,” he explained. “Even with [simple graphics], each character felt larger than life and had very distinctive eyes and features that were immediately readable.”

You can find out more about the artwork and theme over on PlayStation Blog.

Mega Man Legacy Collection releases on August 8 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC for $19.99. The console versions will also get a physical release. Click here for more info.