Hamster-Fu Takes on an Evil Chinchilla Mafia in Hamsterdam

Guns of Icarus developer Muse Games has a new game and has launched a Kickstarter to make it happen. It’s called Hamsterdam, and it’s all about Hamster-Fu expert Pimm and his quest to rescue his grandpa from the mafia-like criminal organization helmed by an evil chinchilla.

Hamsterdam has a combination of brawling, touch-based swiping sequences and runner levels that see Pimm collecting seeds and avoiding obstacles while riding on a little scooter. The game appears to be planned for May 2019, assuming the crowdfunding campaign goes well, and it’s coming to a variety of platforms, including the PlayStation Vita.

Thanks to Marlo the horrible, criminal chinchilla, the once lovely city of Hamsterdam has been run down into the dumps. It’s all because tMarlo Tonic was introduced to the community. Pimm, the hero and Hamster-Fu practitioner, wants to restore order, get the nasty demon drink out of the picture, and rescue his grandpa, who was captured by the Rodent Gang.

Here’s the Hamsterdam trailer.

The gameplay in Hamsterdam is touch-based, revolving primarily around rhythm-based tapping and swiping for the general combat. The mechanics are switched up in situations like boss battles and stages with scooter sequences.

If you opt to help crowdfund Hamsterdam, there are plenty of rewards planned, including in-game extras, physical goods, and even a Guns of Icarus tie-in. The campaign ends on September 29, 2018.

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