Hamsterdam Is Funded, Hamster-Fu Is Coming to Vita

Hamsterdam, a touch-based brawler staring adorable, miniature rodents battling against an evil mob boss ruining the rodent community with illicit substances, has achieved its Kickstarter goal. Now that the game is funded, developer Muse Games once again confirmed the game is coming to several platforms, including the PlayStation Vita. The Kickstarter campaign has also been extended with a list of stretch goals.

Hamsterdam‘s original goal was a modest $8,000which has already been met a week into the campaign. As of this writing, the total is approaching $10,000. There are still thirty days left before the cutoff date.

The stretch goals go all the way up to $45,000, which could very well happen at the rate of funding so far. The stretch goals introduce different costumes for main character Pimm, new game modes, and even an in-game comic that promises to expand on the game’s story.

The latest update from the developers highlighted lots of progress on Hamsterdam, as it talked about the UI, boss fights, controls for the Nintendo Switch version, and more. The team also confirmed its slate of event appearances, with the next one being at PAX West on September 1, 2018 as part of “The MIX.”

Hamsterdam is aimed to release early in 2019 for the PlayStation Vita, the Nintendo Switch, the PC, and mobile platforms.

[Source: Kickstarter]