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Girls Make Games 2018 Demo Day Hosted at PlayStation Campus

Girls Make Games Demo Day was August 11, 2018 at PlayStation’s campus in San Mateo, California, and it resulted in Shredded Secrets taking home the grand prize of a Kickstarter to publish said game. Girls Make Games is an organization dedicated to giving young women a safe space to cultivate their game development skills alongside other women in the field. Their annual summer program culminates in a Demo Day, during which the top five teams pitch games to industry leaders.

The room always includes esteemed industry members, and this year was no exception. According to the PlayStation Blog, in the crowd were “Executive VP of Gaming at Microsoft Phil Spencer, Executive VP of Business Affairs at Nintendo Devon Pritchard, and Senior VP of Business Development at Caffeine Anna Sweet.” The Girls Make Games team was also met by “PlayStation President and CEO John Kodera, Chairman of Worldwide Studios Shawn Layden and Vice President of Product Development at Worldwide Studios Connie Booth.”

Developed by Team Sarcastic Shark Cloud, Shredded Secrets takes “a multi-narrative approach to bullying, presenting the issue from both the victim’s and the bully’s perspective.”

The Girls Make Games official website describes the game as follows:

Shredded Secrets is an emotional journey through four characters and their experiences with school and life. This game shows how people from different backgrounds can overcome adversity together.

Winning the grand prize is no easy feat. This year, the three week long summer camp had thirty-three teams of girls between the ages of eight and seventeen participating. Over the course of the program, the girls gained and refined their skills, when it comes to video game design and programming, resulting in a “finished” game.

The other games that were pitched were Detective Blobfish by The Mystery Squirrles (awarded Most Fun), Luka by Team Arks  (awarded Most Original), Kaiyo by Team Valtameri (awarded Most Artistic), and The Return by Clementine Crew (awarded Best Game Design). You can see, download, and play all five games that competed this year on the official website.

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