Gambit Free Trial Available for One Day to All Destiny 2 Players Ahead of Forsaken’s Release

On the Blizzard stage at gamescom 2018, Bungie’s Steve Cotton and Steve Taylor took the spotlight to announce a Gambit free trial for all Destiny 2 players just a few days before the Forsaken expansion releases. Starting Saturday, September 1, 2018, everyone who owns Destiny 2 will get the chance to play the upcoming PvE/PvP hybrid mode for 24 hours.

Pitting players against both enemies of the Light and other Guardians, Gambit melds all the best parts of both the co-op and competitive experiences, while giving everything its own twist. A fierce competition takes place in two separate arenas as players race to bank motes and summon a boss enemy. During this time, players can invade the other team’s arena to throw a wrench in the works and make things a little harder for them. Gambit is just one of the many new features coming with Destiny 2: Forsaken, an expansion that Bungie says will be want Destiny was always meant to be.

Last week, Bungie detailed Gambit’s progression system, which will be similar to Crucible and Vanguard ranks. Gambit’s ranking system is called Infamy and will only increase (more points for wins, fewer for losses). Each of the five known ranks will now have three separate tiers within them to reward players for ranking up more often. The Drifter—Gambit’s vendor—will also have bounties available specifically for Gambit. All of this will culminate in exclusive Gambit gear that you can’t get from playing any other modes.

destiny 2 forsaken gambit free trial

It’s not yet clear exactly how the Gambit free trial on September 1 will work. Will the vendor be available or is it just a node selectable from the Director at this point? Will progress carry over to Forsaken’s full launch? We’ve reached out to Bungie for additional comment.

We had a chance to go hands-on with Gambit earlier this year and we loved every moment of the frenetic gameplay, calling the hybrid mode a “game changer.” Each and every decision has to be made in a split-second, and games can play out wildly different from one another.

Destiny 2: Forsaken releases on September 4, 2018. If you want to get a look at more from the coming expansion, check out this trailer for the new endgame area, the Dreaming City, and a glimpse at some of the upcoming exotic gear you can earn. Will you be playing the Gambit free trial when it goes live on September 1?