Fortnite Getting New Competitive Feature and Greater PS4 Pro Resolution Support

In its latest State of Development update, Epic Games has announced that Fortnite will receive a new competitive feature this fall that allows players to compete directly against one another.

If you’ve honed your skills in the game’s Battle Royale mode and would like to take on players that are on your skill level, then this is certainly good news.

“We are aware of a strong desire from competitive players for more opportunities to compete directly against one another within the same match,” wrote Epic. “Development recently began for a robust competition system which will allow for all players to compete with one another and be recognized for their accomplishments.”

The developer said that the “first version” of the aforementioned feature will be coming this fall but didn’t provide any further details.

In the same State of Development update, Epic announced greater resolution support for PlayStation 4 Pro players. Those playing on Sony’s high-end system will be able to play in resolution higher than 1080p on a 4K television.

Epic didn’t mention when that option will drop but we’ll make sure to update our readers when we have more information. The developer also announced that it’ll separating PS4 players using keyboard and mouse from those using controllers in a future update.

[Source: Epic Games]