Earthfall Heats Up With Free Inferno Update

Co-op survival shooter Earthfall has received its first major update. Inferno adds, appropriately enough, a variety of fire-based enemies, challenges, and skins. It’s the first of three free updates planned by developer Holospark.

The big new addition to Earthfall is the all-new Inferno level. It brings two high-intensity enemies, the Fire Spitter and Fire Sapper, into the fray. They may seem fearsome, but you’ll have a new weapon in your arsenal to stop them. The P90 is a compact SMG that will surely strike terror in the hearts of those who oppose you.

Catch the fiery trailer for the Earthfall Inferno update below:

The Earthfall Inferno update adds all of the following, many of which were fan requests:

  • New Inferno Map
  • Added xP9D Compact SMG
  • Added Fire Spitter Enemy
  • Fixed performance on Glintec Sniper Rifle
  • Added Fire Weapon Skins
  • New reaction animations for enemies
  • Fixed issue in Achievement progression on Xbox One
  • Weapon and character customizations now save
  • Resolved issue causing the cursor to move without controller being touched
  • Added Fire Sapper Enemy
  • Added AFK timer to player lobby
  • Added PlayGo support to PlayStation 4
  • Fixed settings to save even after relaunching
  • Fixed collision of van in high ping scenarios
  • Updated gun skins to display correctly for join in-progress players
  • Updated revive animation to sync correctly
  • Added Welding Torch for Inferno
  • Updated Smoke and Fire FXs
  • Added D-Pad support for scrolling through customizable items
  • Fixed issue not allowing clients to chat in lobbies
  • Fixed issue when in ADS the ‘x’ from the main reticle stays on the screen.
  • Updated AI to prevent safe zone in Revelation near the drawbridge
  • Fixed Thresher animation and logic when player is pinned
  • Fixed Sapper blood spawning in mid air after death
  • Resolved delay on Valkyrie Plasma Ball explosion
  • Updated Harbinger audio playing correctly on clients
  • Updated master volume to include car alarms
  • Performance optimization for Sapper
  • Fixed logic that prevented throwing grenades on medium or low video quality in rare occasions
  • Updated FX for Heavy Drone
  • Fixed issue causing players to get stuck in Extermination
  • Updated Harbinger sound to be heard correctly on all clients
  • Fixed collision in Breakdown that caused players to fall through the world
  • Fixed issue related to Valkyrie effects display to clients
  • Fixed audio issue with Reaper between host and client
  • Fixed seeing through Glintec and CVA
  • Updated performance and lighting on prefabs in Radio Silence
  • Updated various sound effects in Extermination
  • Updated visibility of satchel charges in Extermination
  • Updated Thresher for performance and animation
  • Updated Sapper gas and audio to sync correctly
  • Updated Harbinger audio from getting stuck playing after firing
  • Updated Turret audio to be audible in 3rd person
  • Not all Clients are hearing the Reaper firing audio
  • Fixed issue in Breakdown causing players to get stuck
  • Fixed issue in Trailer Park causing players to fall through the world
  • Fixed issue related to Jonas’ beard
  • Fixed collision on birch trees in Supply Run
  • Fixed pathing for Blackout in Revelation
  • Fixed issue in audio repeating when joining an AI player with a shotgun
  • Fixed issue related to player getting “Cannot carry more than one Harbinger” message when they are not holding a Harbinger
  • Updated prefab floating in Radio Silience
  • Updated collision on prefab in Extermination
  • Resolved inconsistency in Grace between in-game and lore entry

While our thoughts on Earthfall were relatively mixed, it looks like Holospark is working to make the game bigger and better. The Inferno update is available now for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The next two updates will be Militia and Invasion.