SNK Is Counting Down to New Games

SNK 40th Anniversary Collection is coming later this year for the Nintendo Switch and SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy is coming on September 7, 2018, but beyond that, we don’t really know what’s going on with SNK. The King of Fighters XIV, which dropped in 2016, was the last major release from the company. (It even had an arcade release last year.) As it turns out, SNK is poised to drop what appears to be multiple announcements, and all we have to do is wait a few more days.

SNK’s official Twitter account dropped a link over the weekend, stating “NEW SNK GAME ANNOUNCEMENTS.” The link leads to a countdown timer leading to September 10, 2018, which is next Monday. While most of us will be playing Dragon Quest XI and Spider-Man, there are plenty of SNK fans out there itching for what’s next from the company responsible for the likes of Metal SlugThe King of FightersGarou: Mark of the WolvesSamurai Shodown, and more.

As we know, 2018 is the year of dreams when it comes to unpredictable retro revivals. DotEmu has been hauling most of that weight, even taking the reins on Windjammers (which was originally published by SNK, although developed by Data East). Could we be seeing more retro revivals here, another fighting game, or both? We’ll find out next week.

[Source: SNK]