Shenmue I & II Patch Launched for PC, Delayed for Consoles

The Shenmue I & II HD Remaster arrived a few weeks ago, to awaken your gaming nostalgia. The remaster landed and was generally well-received. However, today publisher Sega took to Twitter to confirm the news that their Shenmue I and II PS4 patch won’t be released this week as initially planned. Instead, the company stated that they have pushed back the patch for September 17, 2018 (this goes for the Xbox One version as well). The PC patch made it on schedule though. Here’s the tweet from Sega:

The Shenmue I and II PS4 patch may not be out yet, but you can read all of the patch notes for the Steam version right here. We’ll update you with the complete console patch notes when that update finally releases, but it looks like Sega is targeting many of the same things for both versions of the game.


• Fixed various instances of incorrect help screen text displayed around the game.

• Fixed various instances of incorrect button prompts being shown in the HUD.

• Fixed duplicated button prompts in QTE Title 2.

• Fixed an occasional issue when transitioning into the menu when in Shenmue 1.

• Fixed an issue with 2560 x 1080 UI resolutions.

• Fixed issues with resolutions wider than 2560.

• Fixed an issue with QTE prompts not flashing.


• Fixed inconsistencies when sparring in the dojo.

Graphical Issues

• Fixed various character skinning issues.

• Fixed an issue that caused bloom to re-enable itself when opening the notebook.

• Fixed an issue that would cause crushed blacks on some hardware setups.

• Fixed various instances of missing geometry and textures.

• Fixed various issues with cameras being incorrect in cut scenes.

• Fixed issues with hair sometimes rendering slightly transparent.

• Fixed some instances of missing facial animation.

• Fixed occasional issues with cloth rendering.


• Fixed an issue that caused increased CPU load on some hardware.

• Various stability improvements.

• Fixed a soft-lock when playing Shenmue 1 arcade games past Ryo’s bed time.

• Fixed an issue that could cause stuttering on monitors that support 75Hz refresh rates.

• The gong in Bunkado Antiques can now be interacted with.

• Fixing various instances of localisation issues.

• Fixed an issue in Shenmue 1 where sleeping would sometimes not update move experience.

• Various performance improvements.


• Fixed various instances of crackling background music.

• Fixed crackling while listening to cassettes.

• Fixed various issues with arcade game audio.

• Fixed issues with rain.

• Fixed issues with some sound effects not looping correctly.

• Fixed issues with some sound effects crackling.

Regardless of any PC vs. console debates, we would like to hear your impressions. Have you tried Shenmue I & II yet? If so, did you experience any issues along the way that this upcoming update may fix?

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