Lethal League Blaze Making its Way to PS4 in 2019

The Lethal League sequel is still on the way. You might remember the original, a multiplayer game from 2017. Lethal League Blaze was  confirmed very soon after the first game launched. The new iteration will be a fast-paced, multiplayer-oriented brawler, very much like its predecessor, and arrive on the PS4 in 2019.

Lethal League Blazes story puts us in Shine City, where everyone is crazy over an anti-gravity ball game that is apparently both very fun and very illegal. The only ones who do play the game are referred to as the Lethal League. The objectives of this game are simple: you have to overcome your adversaries. If you get the ball, you use a variety of moves to win.

There’s a nasty catch though. Every move in Lethal League Blaze is going to make the ball go faster, sometimes even twice as fast. That’s where the real fun begins.

Check out the latest trailer:

Lethal League Blaze can be played alone, locally with friends, or online. The soundtrack is being handled by Hideki Naganuma, who previously worked on the groovy Jet Set Radio OST.

Here are Lethal League Blaze‘s main features:

  • Up to four players: Play locally and online with up to four players.
  • Easy to pick up, hard to master gameplay: Start off simply hitting the ball faster and faster back and forth. Improve by learning how to use Smashes, Bunts and Special Abilities to your advantage. Then go further beyond with parries and countering with throws ending with the pure psychological goodness: taunts.
  • Tons of unlockable extras and secrets: Unlock characters and their outfits as you play. New modes and stages are in there too and even the soundtrack can be unlocked to play at leisure.
  • Play on your own: Step up to the plate by yourself and beat a series of opponents in the Arcade Mode to reach the beat-blasting bossfight. Then check out the event-based Story Mode that has you playing all sides of the going-downs in Shine City.
  • Modes and options: Pick your preferred style of play like with HP, one-shot kill or points. And then there are game modes like Strikers, using goals, and something called Lethal Volley…
  • Wicked Tracks: A Breakbeat, Hip-Hop and House soundtrack featuring the likes of Hideki Naganuma, Frank Klepacki, Pixelord, Bignic, and of course, Klaus Veen.

Lethal League Blaze will appear first on PCs on October 24, 2018. The PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch will get the game in Spring 2019.

[Source: Team Reptile YouTube]