Arcade Sportslike Skorecery Makes Its Way to PS4 in February

Here at PlayStation Lifestyle, we don’t just like to cover AAA games. Since it’s important to give indies a chance to shine, as well, it’s time to announce that Skorecery, a mystical arcade sportslike, will be heading exclusively to PS4 in February 2019. Part Pong, part BreakoutSkorecery will have you competing with up to four friends in some intense multiplayer battles.

This is the second game from developer GrappleHook Games and, with Skorecery, the team has created a casual experience that can quickly turn competitive. The co-founder of the studio, Eric Peterson had this to say about the game:

While easy to pick up and play, Skorecery’s tight controls and fast action quickly turn a casual experience into a competitive one. But beyond that tight core, we wanted to give players the tools to experiment and push those mechanics. Spells, Modes and Curses work in combination to do just that.

The main hook of the game has the players gaining control of the Arena’s ball to shoot at the opponent’s Runes. At the end, the player with the most Runes is crowned victorious. To get to that point, players have a ton of magic spells at their disposal that can be used to assist during battle. This seems like a great game to play with friends, especially if you’re looking for some competitive fun.

Grab Skorecery when it launches for PS4 on February 5, 2019.