Finally Score Big With Skorecery Next Month

After getting delayed from its original release date, Skorecery is now set to release exclusively on the PlayStation 4 on April 4, 2019. Developed by GrappleHook Games, this indie pits sorcerers against each other as they try to destroy the blocks located behind their opponent, all while protecting theirs. Using magic and platforming to send a ball back and forth, this game borrows from Pong and Breakout as you try to destroy your opponents wall completely.

Face off with up to four players and mix mysticism with sports and arcade classics across a variety of arenas and modes. Learn spells to make you a fiercer competitor and customize the rules right down to the abilities and physics of each match. While the development team promises it’s easy for anyone to get started, they also claim the mechanics are deep enough to give more advanced players plenty to dig into.

Below are Skorecery‘s key features, as listed in the press release:

  • Thrilling duels, free-for-all battles, and team skirmishes for both friendly and competitive gatherings
  • Simple controls that take seconds to learn and countless hours to master
  • Wide variety of Arenas, Spells, and Modes to experiment with for endless gameplay possibilities
  • Fully customizable rules that allow sorcerers to modify the abilities and physics of each match
  • Expertly designed audio dynamics that seamlessly blend with the intensity of each battle

Skorecery will launch for $9.99 as a PlayStation 4 exclusive on April 4, 2019. Think of it as a good way to play ball, with a magical touch to it.