Participation Trophy – Worst PS4 Games in April 2019, And What They Could Have Done Better

April showers bring low review scores, or so they say. The Month of Fools saw some great releases and reviews here at PlayStation LifeStyle, including MLB 19 The Show, Days Gone, Mortal Kombat 11, and even some hardware. But it can’t all be good vibes and sunshine in a month known for rain, so here we are with April’s lowest-scoring games, along with what they did wrong, what they did right, and some constructive feedback for what the developers could have done to please more gamers. A note: we summarize our three lowest-scoring games, however this month there were two ties across six games. Overall, things were downright cheery compared to March, and especially compared to February! Each of those months had some real low scoring games that we didn’t enjoy, though everything can be improved somewhat!

Our effort here is to provide constructive criticism and feedback for games that we felt were duds this month. There were a lot of games with some great potential, but for whatever reason seemed to miss the mark. Each month we take a look at these games and detail what went wrong, but perhaps most importantly, we try to focus on what the game did right, and how it could have improved on its more negative aspects that earned it a lower grade on the review scale.

The Worst PS4 Games for April 2019

Despite scores averaging higher for this month’s feature, three people each reviewed two of the above-mentioned games: Lucas White, Paulmichael Contreras (that’s me!), and Joseph Yaden. Don’t say we never take some for the team! How’d we do this month? Were our scores too high or low? Any flops you’re surprised didn’t make the list? Let us know in the usual spot.

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