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World War Z Release Date

World War Z Joins Days Gone With an April Release Date

Fresh zombies, incoming.

world war z pvpvz

Try to Outlive the Living and Dead in World War Z’s Chaotic Players vs Players vs Zombies Mode

Zombies will storm the arena throughout a match.

Days Gone Multiplayer

Sony Rejected a Days Gone Multiplayer Pitch From Saber Interactive

Still, the Days Gone and World War Z comparisons continue.

world war z publisher

Focus Home Interactive Will Bring World War Z to Consoles

It’s unclear if the same is true for the PC release.

world war z classes

Check Out the Different Classes in Action in World War Z

Dang, look at all those zombies!

World War Z Gameplay

World War Z Gameplay Trailer Goes Heavy on the Undead

From Russia with blood.

world war z game

Game Adaptation of World War Z Announced for PS4, XBO, and PC

We’re no longer the top of the food chain.