World War Z ‘Kill it With Fire’ Update Adds Two New Missions

Season one of World War Z post-launch content support has concluded, with today’s (Tuesday, October 29, 2019) free “Kill it with Fire” update marking the beginning of the game’s second season. Developer Saber Interactive and publisher Focus Home Interactive are bringing a lot to the table at no additional cost to players, foremost among which is the implementation of two new PvE missions titled “Dead in the Water” and “Resurrection.”

Resurrection serves as the fourth chapter in the game’s third episode, set in Moscow, Russia. Taking place after the preceding three missions, players are tasked with navigating the infested Moscow underground upon the realization that awaiting rescue in a bunker isn’t going to work. Of course, you’ll be able to reprise your role as any of the four Moscow-based survivors featured in the initial chapters.

Dead in the Water, meanwhile, sees World War Z fans rejoin the New York City survivors in chapter four of episode one. This mission has players attempt to make their way to Canada via a tugboat on the Hudson River, though when fuel runs dry and leaves them stranded all hell breaks loose as they have to head back to shore.

Additionally, a much-requested weapon has been added and is likely responsible for the update’s unique name. The flamethrower is said to be a great tool for zombie crowd control, putting down hordes of enemies before they can ever get too close.

Another feature that’s been implemented based on fan feedback is the ability for max-level veterans to prestige and gain additional rewards for doing so. Namely, these take the form of perks that offer “direct gameplay bonuses.” If devoted World War Z players opt to prestige, their rank will be reset in order to provide something to continue working towards, as first popularized in Call of Duty.

Kill it with Fire is rounded out by the addition of optional mutators to private match lobbies, and also a teased “Halloween surprise” that can be discovered in-game.