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World War Z’s Season 2 of Content Roadmap Teases Horde Mode and Cross-Play Support

Late in August 2019, Saber Interactive unleashed the last bit of content for World War Z’s first season of post-launch DLC. Fans will be happy to learn the developer already has an outline in place for Season 2. The new batch of free updates will start going live sometime later this year, though specific launch dates remain unknown. With this additional content, fans can expect to get their hands on a Horde Mode, new weapons, and missions. Oh, and cross-play support is on the way, too.

Publisher Focus Home Interactive unveiled the Season 2 roadmap in a graphic on Twitter. Apparently, in addition to all of the above, new missions in Moscow and New York are also coming to World War Z. Prestige Ranks, a new zombie type, and an untold number of cosmetics are on the horizon, too. The roadmap also teases that paid content will launch this season, which is to include four weapon and four character skins.

See the Twitter post from Focus Home featured below:

Saber Interactive’s post-launch support for World War Z has remained consistent since the game’s release earlier in the year. Given the title’s success, there’s no need to wonder why. After only one week on the market, the zombie title surpassed one million copies sold worldwide. Within its first month in stores, World War Z was barreling towards two million units in sales. Because Focus Home hasn’t offered a sales update in recent months, it’s difficult to now how well World War Z’s performed since May 2019.

World War Z is in stores now for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One platforms.

[Source: Focus Home Interactive on Twitter]