World War Z Update Adds Weekly Challenges, Future Update to Debut Horde Mode

Developer Saber Interactive has launched the final bit of DLC for World War Z’s first season of post-launch content. Titled “Proving Grounds”, the new update brings with it a Weekly Challenges Mode. The developer also teased what’s in store for the next season of content. Most notably, a Horde Mode is on the way, as are new maps, additional weapons, and plenty of surprises. For now, no further details about the second season of content have been announced.

The Weekly Challenges Mode serves as a separate playlist that adds three modifiers to the experience, allowing players to mix things up. One modifier, for instance, will see a single player on the team take all damage without the ability to use medkits. Meanwhile, everyone else on the squad becomes invulnerable. Additionally, while there’s currently no release date, Saber Interactive plans to enable options that will let players set modifiers in private lobbies.

After completing a weekly challenge, players will receive rewards in the form of Challenge Coins. These coins can then be used as in-game currency to purchase a variety of character customization options, including backpack attachments, characters skins, head gear, and much more. Saber Interactive has made it clear these customization options are only unlockable by playing the game and earning Challenge Coins.

For a look at how some of the weekly challenges will factor into the experience, check out the “Proving Grounds” update trailer linked below:

The “Proving Grounds” update for World War Z is also introducing a new weapon, the Classic Battle Rifle, alongside several additional “weapon variants.” Players will find these new additions most beneficial when tackling the weekly challenges and Six Skulls difficulty mode, the last of which debuted in a previous update.

Saber Interactive’s World War Z is out now for the PS4, PC, and Xbox One platforms.

[Source: Focus Home Interactive]