World War Z’s Proving Grounds Update Adds Weekly Challenges, Cosmetic Rewards in August

The next update for Saber Interactive’s zombie killing co-op game, World War Z, is scheduled to arrive sometime in August, although no specific dates have been announced yet. The dev team has provided some new information pertaining to the game’s next content drop, which will add weekly challenges into the game and signal the end of the game’s first season of post-launch DLC. The team is hard at work on the season 2 content, and a separate paid DLC pack with four additional weapon skins will be released at the same time as this free update.

Titled “Proving Grounds,” World War Z‘s next update will add weekly challenges with a series of rotating modifiers, known as mutators, into the game to add another layer of difficulty into the mix. As if the game wasn’t already challenging enough with the previously released Six Skulls update! This update will reward players for their efforts with Challenge Coins that can be used to purchase new cosmetic items like character skins, weapon skins, accessories and more! It was clarified that these coins “can only be earned in-game,” so no microtransactions here.

World War Z Proving Grounds Update Adds Weekly Challenges, Rewards

In order to complete these challenges players will need to adjust their play style to counter the three active mutators, meaning your usual run of the mill tactics might not work as well as they previously have. In total there are over 40 different mutators, which, along with the maps, will rotate, providing players with a new experience every week.

Some examples of these weekly challenges are as follows:

Map: Moscow, Battle of Nerves


Crossbow Fiesta – All weapons are replaced with crossbows.

Treason – More friendly fire.

Revenge – Players create massive explosions when they die.

Map: Japan, Final Call


I Feel Your Pain – All damage is redirected to one player. When he dies the game is over.

Instadeath – No downed state (you die immediately when you run out of health).

Small Pharma – No Medkits.

Map: New York, Hell and High Water


Cannon Fodder – No special zombies but more common zombies.

Night Time – More zombies in idle state.

Restless Hordes – More frequent zombie waves.

Will you be trying your hand at the Proving Grounds update for World War Z when it releases in August? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

[Source: Focus Home Interactive]