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Eiichiro Oda Designed New Characters for One Piece: World Seeker

One Piece: World Seeker, Bandai Namco’s ambitious new game based on the ridiculously long-running Shonen Jump series, was recently delayed to 2019. But that doesn’t mean the information is going to stop coming, especially from Japanese magazines. The latest issue of Weekly Jump revealed two brand new characters designed for the game, and like many other One Piece transmedia projects, both characters are designed by series creator Eiichiro Oda.

The translation gurus over at Gematsu have translated both characters’ bios, from a scan of the magazine spread:

  • Isaac (voiced by Rikiya Koyama) – The “Warden” that rules over Jail Island from behind the scenes. A scientist who controls the super science that led to the island’s abnormal development, he is also a former marine that wields incredible fighting strength. While he is cautious of every force, his true intentions are shrouded in mystery.
  • Jeanne (voiced by Ayumi Fujimura) – A girl who loves what the island used to be, she is the leader of the Anti-Marine Party. She is a rebel who understands there is a rift that runs between the islanders living in the city and the islanders living in the countryside. She will take up arms against the Marines that changed the island with science.

[Source: Gematsu]