PS4 and PC Versions of Let It Die are Completely Separate

Not long ago, Let It Die, which has steadily operated as a free to play, PlayStation 4 exclusive since 2016, was announced for PC. Now, that PC version has a release date, but more importantly, the game’s Steam page confirms that the two versions of Let it Die will be operated completely separately.

In the game’s FAQ, a GungHo representative confirmed that Let It Die on PlayStation 4 and PC will be run on separate servers, which includes all player data. Here is the relevant excerpt:

Will PS4 and PC users be on the same server?

No. There is no cross-platform play between the PS4 and PC versions of LET IT DIE.

Can I transfer data between the PS4 and PC versions?

No. Player data is maintained on separate servers for these two versions and they cannot be exchanged or combined.

Are there any differences between the PS4 and PC versions?

Essentially, they are the same game with the same event schedule. Content available on respective store pages may at times be different, but the experience should largely be the same.

This might be a bummer for some fans, considering that there is plenty of precedent for PC and PS4 versions of games working together. But on the other hand, PS4 players of Let It Die can certainly also just continue doing their thing as if nothing ever happened. But if you’re curious about how the game runs on PC, know that you’ll have to start all over.

[Source: Steam]