World of Final Fantasy Maxima DLC Upgrade Listed on Official Website

Yesterday, Square Enix announced a number of new titles, including a new version of World of Final Fantasy, adding the word “Maxima” to the title. While there aren’t a ton of details out for this game yet, Square Enix‘s official site for it has a bit, including an additional way to get a hold of the new content.

As previously announced, World of Final Fantasy Maxima expands on the original, with new Champions, Mirages, and more. It’s a great, new way to start, but what about players who already bought the original? As it turns out, a DLC option will also be available. As listed on the website, the DLC will be available in Japan for 2,400 yen, which is around the neighborhood of $20.

In addition to the features that were already announced, such as a new ability that allows protagonists Lann and Reynn to transform into other Final Fantasy characters, the website also notes that a new fishing minigame will accompany the inclusion of Noctis, the main character of Final Fantasy XV.

The website also shows a few of the new Champions, including the aforementioned Noctis (FFXV), Zack (FFVII), Cecil (FFIV), Firion (FFII), Y’shtola (Final Fantasy XIV), and Serah (FFXIII-2).

Two points worth noting are that the DLC option hasn’t yet been confirmed for North America, and that it only seems to apply to the PS4 and PC versions, leaving out the Vita version.

[Source: Official Website]