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Real Screenshot or Fake Episode 4: Butt Buddy

Today seems like a pretty good day, right? The sun is shining. It is a Monday, and all we have are possibilities ahead of us. It seems like the perfect time for a “Real or Fake?” round! In this recurring column, I present you with what might be a screenshot from a real game that appeared on a PlayStation platform, and you have to guess if it is genuine. Today, we have a butt buddy. Time to crack a case!

I am completely, 100% serious. Today’s screenshot is from a game where a little elven boy has a blob with a face attached to his butt. It looks like a tail, but sounds a lot like Eric Cartman from South Park. I’m going to say that this game with a rather blatant assistant (pun intended) first appeared on the PlayStation 2.

Now, it is up to you to think things over and try to determine if you really think some company went to the trouble of giving players the strangest backseat driver ever. Is this a game you could play? Is this a game you would even want to play? Or do you think this isn’t a game you can get behind? Let us know in the comments!

real or fake screenshot ps2 2

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