Villagers, Pillagers, and Cute Pandas Coming to Minecraft in Future Updates

At Minecon Earth 2018, Mojang announced that Minecraft‘s next major update will be out sometime in 2019, and will introduce villagers and pillagers to the game.

Aptly titled “Village and Pillage,” the update will add eleven new villagers: Librarian, Butcher, Cleric Cartographer, Leatherworker, Fletcher, Shepherd, Farmer, Fisher, Armorer, Toolsmith, and Weaponsmith. Each villager will be unique depending on the biome that they’re in.

The Pillagers will be a group of people who can attack villagers with their beasts. Mojang’s Jens Bergensten said that the Pillagers “will raid in groups” alongside a new monster mini-boss.

While we wait for the content, Mojang will add cute cats and pandas to Minecraft via the 2018 holiday update. “We recorded real pandas in China to help create these,” said Bergensten.

In other news, Mojang announced an interesting new game called Minecraft: Dungeons – an adventure game for up to four players inspired by classic dungeon crawlers. Unfortunately, PC is the only platform confirmed so far but here’s hoping it’ll eventually make its way to consoles.

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[Source: MinecraftVariety]