Minecraft Dungeons Release Date

Minecraft Dungeons Coming to PS4 in April Despite Microsoft Publishing

The world of Minecraft sure makes for some good environments. Mojang has been developing a dungeon-delving Diablo-style spin-off game called Minecraft Dungeons. Just because Mojang is owned by Microsoft and the game is being published by Microsoft Games Studio doesn’t mean you won’t be enjoying it on the PlayStation 4. Minecraft Dungeons has just been set for an April 2020 release, and that’s on all platforms, PS4 included.

Minecraft Dungeons, originally announced during Minecon Earth 2018, is a dungeon crawler set in the world of Minecraft. Everything is made of blocks, something we’ve come to expect with the original game, and you’ll see all the iconic monsters and items from the original game. However, instead of focusing on building and creation, your goal is to destroy monsters and get loot. The game is being developed by Mojang and is the developer’s first retail video game since Minecraft came out in 2011. They’re also getting assistance on the project from Double Eleven, a studio that has assisted with various other games, including the recent PlayStation 4 and Xbox One port of Rust.

If you’d rather just read about the world of Minecraft, a book set in the world of Minecraft Dungeons will be releasing with the game as well. It will be written by game designer and author Matt Forbeck, who has written several Halo books and novels based on the Blood Bowl tabletop game.

This means Minecraft Dungeons will be the first game developed and published by Microsoft coming out on the PlayStation 4. At least, unless you include the original Minecraft, although the PlayStation 4 version was already well underway when Microsoft bought Mojang. It does open up an interesting doorway to other Microsoft titles. Will we see the Halo or Gears of War series on PlayStation? Not likely. But it does lend some hope to a sequel to Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds still coming to PlayStation platforms. This isn’t the first instance of cooperation between Sony and Microsoft either. The two are working together on some cloud gaming initiatives, though we have yet to see the fruits of that partnership.