Xbox games on PS5

Xbox Fans Demand Clarity as More Exclusives Reportedly Heading to PS5

A number of fans have been left discontent with Microsoft’s communication strategy surrounding Xbox games heading to PS5. Yesterday, a report from The Verge revealed that the company was mulling over a remaster of Halo: Combat Evolved for the PS5, following which more reputable insiders claimed that a number of major Xbox exclusives are on their way to the rival platform.

Microsoft quiet about its strategy for Xbox games on PS5

When reports of Xbox games going multiplatform first cropped up earlier this year, they were dismissed by a large number of fans until reputable sources starting backing up those claims. Microsoft was forced to conduct a “business update” as a result, during which it confirmed that four of its titles were headed to PS5, to start with. There’s been no update from Team Xbox since, but the rumors are showing no signs of dying down.

Yesterday, known insider NateTheHate claimed that “significant, major” Xbox games are heading to PlayStation. ResetEra user Shinobi602 — who is known to have some connections within the industry — confirmed the same. This, along with The Verge’s report, prompted Xbox fans to take to sites like Reddit and X to demand clarity from Microsoft.

Many have opined that Halo going multiplatform will spell the demise of Xbox hardware. However, the console already isn’t selling much as it is.