PlayStation 4 Pro Price Drop Announced in Japan

The official Japanese PlayStation website has revealed an upcoming price drop for the 4K-capable PlayStation 4 Pro. Starting on October 12, 2018, the powerful console will drop from a retail price of 44,980 yen to 39,980 yen. That’s roughly $50, although the numbers don’t translate 1:1.

This price drop appears to be universal. In the same announcement, it’s also noted that the PlayStation 4 Pro Kingdom Hearts III Limited Edition bundle will be dropping in price, to scale with the consoles by themselves. It’s also stated that there’s some kind of bonus relative to the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 as it launches on the same day of the price drop.

Finally, the Glacier White model of the PlayStation 4 Pro is also part of the announcement. In Japan, this color variant was only available as a limited edition earlier in March 2018. Along with the price drop, the Glacier White PlayStation 4 Pro will become available in a standard capacity.

This announcement is only for Japan at the moment, with no sign of a North American PlayStation 4 price drop. However, as we enter the fall season, that means we approach Black Friday, so never say never. The timing on these things doesn’t always line up, so keep your eyes on PlayStation Lifestyle for possible future updates.

[Source: Official Website]