Dreams Will Let You Create and Play Levels in PSVR

Dreams is an upcoming creation game by Media Molecule, in which players can make anything they want. Their creativity can even extend beyond the PlayStation 4 into its stand-out peripheral, PlayStation VR, which will be compatible with Dreams at launch.

Community made games are already an ambitious undertaking but virtual reality is another level. Media Molecule Co-Founder, Alex Evans, spoke to Game Informer about concerns.

[I]t’ll be great… that idea from Mario Maker where you have to complete the level [in order to publish it], we’ll take that for VR. So if you wanna push out a VR game you’ll have to try it in VR.

Hopefully, this will offset any potentially unpleasant VR experiences from seeing the light of day. Teams at major studios already struggle with making quality VR games that feel immersive while avoiding motion sickness, so I imagine making amateur VR games poses similar challenges.

The community’s ability to, essentially, downvote “bad” levels will be a form of self-regulation that should help monitor all the games/experiences people create.

Perhaps we will be able to test out its PlayStation VR compatibility during Dreams’ beta, which is set to arrive sometimes in 2018 and will carry all creations over into the main game. Even if they can’t, we do have confirmation PSVR support will be there at launch.

[Source: Game Informer]